Investing in social results

More and more organisations want to invest in generating a social impact, both internationally and in Norway. Some organisations are just getting started and are simply finding out about the possibilities, while other organisations have been involved for some time and have established a clear investor profile for themselves. This is a very positive trend, as we need as many interested parties as possible to develop and boost good solutions for the future.

Impact investing

Internationally the term ‘impact’ is often used when talking about social results. The term ‘impact’ has multiple interpretations and is used by a wide range of companies. Similarly, the term ‘impact investing’ applies to investors and investment models of numerous different types and objectives in terms of the nature of the social impact sought.

The European Venture Philanthropy Association (EVPA) ranks impact investors on a scale that runs from ‘with impact’ to ‘for impact’, as illustrated in the model below. In short, your investor profile is defined by whether you invest with social impact as your primary objective or with social impact as an additional form of value generated from your normal investments.

Social results as the driver of management decisions

Ferd has invested in social entrepreneurs since 2007. In addition to the companies in our portfolio, we support start-up companies through the Impact StartUp accelerator program. We have also worked on a range of activities intended to strengthen the market opportunities open to social entrepreneurs. We define ourselves as a social investor that invests for impact. This means that social impact governs which social entrepreneurs we choose as well as our methods, tools and financing decisions.

Motitech provides innovative exercise solutions for older adults and individuals with dementia to prevent injuries, improve health and enhance their quality of life. Photo: Motitech

Social investors in Norway

In recent years, numerous new players have entered the field of social investment. Savings bank foundations, funds and foundations set up by family offices have become committed to social impact. Many of these are now active supporters of social entrepreneurs.

We in Ferd Social Entrepreneurs have built up extensive experience and wish to share this with other investors. The menu on this page provides access to information on some of the tools and methods we use, e.g. impact management and social impact bonds. We have also shared some links to other relevant organisations and tools that may be of use.

If you would like to learn more about what we look for and how we work with social entrepreneurs, please follow the links to how we work with social entrepreneurs and our investment criteria.

If you would like to learn more about social entrepreneurship, you can find more information via Social entrepreneurship on our website’s menu bar. You can also read about the social entrepreneurs in our portfolio here, or you can find out about the companies that are currently on and those that have completed our Impact StartUp accelerator program here.