Our Portfolio

We create measurable social results by investing in social entrepreneurs and strengthening their market. Here you will find information on our portfolio companies and former investments.

Enhancing inclusion for individuals outside the labor market

Despite relatively low unemployment in Norway, a significant portion of the population remains outside the labor market. Simultaneously, we recognize that having a job contributes to economic security, inclusion, mastery, and meaning for individuals. The increased employment of more people also generates societal value, and it is crucial for sustaining the welfare state.

Preventing school dropout and reducing exclusion

A significant number of young people drop out of school, presenting various challenges such as difficulties in entering the labor market. It is cost-effective to prevent and address this challenge at an early stage, assisting with new innovative measures throughout the school journey. Reducing dropout and exclusion for children and youth is an area where social entrepreneurs play a vital role.

Improving the life situation for individuals with neurodiverse diagnoses

Individuals with autism spectrum diagnoses form a diverse group with various challenges and opportunities. We have experience working with this group concerning work inclusion, and see that this is an area where social entrepreneurship can contribute to creating a better life situation for many people.

Enhancing the living situation for the elderly, especially those with dementia

The demographic composition in Norway is changing, with the elderly living longer and constituting a growing proportion. While there is exciting innovation in health technology in this area, we emphasize that technological innovation must occur in conjunction with service and system innovation, to prevent technology from becoming poor substitutes for human relationships.