The Oslo Initiative

The Oslo Initiative is a collective effort to support and strengthen measures in four of Oslo’s most underserved districts.

A ground up approach to addressing social disparity

The Oslo Initiative will support local organizations and community groups in the districts of Alna, Grorud, Stovner, and Søndre Nordstrand. By bringing together the skills and experience of both private and public sector, we foster a collaborative approach that aims to widen participation, leading with immersive learning, play and engagement.

The initiative focuses on the completion of secondary education, and sustainable employability. We want to make sure the talents, resources, and ideas that society will need the most in the future are invested in – now.

In practice, the Oslo Initiative supports and strengthens existing initiatives in the districts such as sports teams, non-profit organizations, and social entrepreneurs.

The goal is to expand and further develop solutions, facilitate increased cooperation, and form powerful networks between organizations, districts, schools, and agencies. 

Bridging Sectors for Youth, Culture, and Education

In 2023, the Oslo Initiative launched several projects aimed at enhancing employment opportunities for youth, bolstering art and cultural endeavors, reinforcing vocational education, and developing alternative learning spaces in Oslo.

The initiative has effectively organized and brought together different stakeholders and has directed their contributions and involvement in a focused manner, ensuring that activities and collaborations span across various industries and areas of work.

By coordinating these diverse actors and focusing their efforts, the Oslo Initiative aims to achieve more significant and cohesive results, fostering cooperation and synergy across sectors.

Additionally, work is being done to identify new potential areas of collaboration by mapping and leveraging political assignments and initiatives at the municipal and district levels.

The Oslo Initiative is a Ferd project, drawing on assistance and engagement from the entire organization. The operational responsibility for the Oslo Initiative is placed with Ferd Social Entrepreneurs.