What we do

We work to create value for companies and individuals. As an active owner and investor, we contribute not only capital but also expertise, networking and a willingness to try new things.

Our task

Our owners have given Ferd a vision to operate within, and it is the organisation’s task to fill it with activities to realise this vision over time.

Ferd consists of around 50 motivated employees who recognise their responsibility to use their expertise to transform Ferd’s capital base and advantages into enduring value and clear footprints.

Ferd’s vision is about generating more than just a financial return.

How we create value

The generational perspective inherent in Ferd’s family ownership provides us with a flexibility and predictability that differentiate us from many other investment organisations. As well as our strong capital base, we also contribute our extensive expertise, a strong network and a willingness to invest to deliver value creation.

Our wide-ranging activities encompass active ownership and corporate development at private and stock exchange listed companies, investment in financial assets, real estate development, investment via external managers, impact investing and social entrepreneurship.

The Swix building in Lillehammer was completed in 2015 and is the result of excellent teamwork between Ferd Real Estate and Brav.