Ferd Social Entrepreneurs

We generate measurable social results by investing in social entrepreneurs and strengthening their market.

We invest in social value creation

Ferd Social Entrepreneurs invests in social entrepreneurs, primarily in Norway and the Nordic countries, that deliver strong social and financial results. Through a combination of capital, expertise and networking, we strengthen these companies’ chances of success. We also collaborate with the public sector to create the tools and frameworks it needs to collaborate with social entrepreneurs.

Trivselsleder works to promote well-being, to increase activity levels and to reduce bullying during school recess. Photo: Hans Granberg

Our portfolio

We currently have 11 companies in our active portfolio. We are supporting a number of these through grants, while the majority are equity investments. Those that receive a grant work actively to grow and develop over a three-year period. Our equity investments are combined with active board participation and dedicated business development support.

Unicus only employs IT consultants with an Asperger’s diagnosis. Photo: Oda Hveem.