Ferd Social Entrepreneurs

We create measurable social results by investing in social entrepreneurs and strengthening their markets.

Social results

Social entrepreneurs create important benefits for society. Here are the social results our portfolio companies generated in 2021.

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55 538

Total number of people for whom companies in our portfolio had a positive impact.

27 594

Number of older adults who benefitted.


Number of people who found work.

26 962

Number of children and young people who benefitted.

Investing in Social Impact

Ferd Social Entrepreneurs invests in social entrepreneurs and social impact companies that deliver strong social and financial results. We support the companies through our dedicated employees, network and solid financial base.

Trivselsleder works to promote well-being, to increase activity levels and to reduce bullying during school recess. Photo: Hans Granberg

Our Portfolio

We choose companies where we can help make an important difference and create good social and economic results. In the various companies, we have contributed equity, various hybrid instruments or grants – adapted to the company’s needs and phase.

Unicus only employs IT consultants with an Asperger’s diagnosis. Photo: Oda Hveem.


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Katinka Greve Leiner. Photo: Dag Knudsen

Katinka Greve Leiner

Director of Ferd Social
Ferd Social Entrepreneurs
Phone: 95 72 17 40
Espen Daae. Photo: Dag Knudsen

Espen Daae

Investment Manager for
Social Investments
Ferd Social Entrepreneurs
Phone: 93 47 00 07
Henriette Skretteberg. Foto: Dag Knudsen

Henriette Skretteberg

Development Manager, Social Impact Ferd Social Entrepreneurs
Phone: 98 84 22 40