Our investments

The companies in which we invest need to be able to demonstrate measurable social results and to have a business model that will enable them to be financially sustainable within a few years. We also look for companies that have the potential to grow further so that as many people as possible can benefit from the solutions in which we invest.


Each year, we select one to two innovative companies that solve a difficult social challenge and so help make society more inclusive. The companies’ motivation and ability to monitor both their social and financial results are crucial.

No Isolation reduces loneliness and social isolation through digital communication solutions. Photo: Estera Kluczenko

How do we work with the companies in our portfolio?

Ferd Social Entrepreneurs selects companies where we can be involved in making an important difference and delivering strong social and financial results. We work in active partnership with such companies, and this involves clear milestones and social ambitions. Ferd may provide equity, a loan or a grant – depending on the company’s needs.

Forskerfabrikken works to promote interest in STEM subjects among children and young people. Photo: Frank Holm.

Impact StartUp

Ferd Social Entrepreneurs set up the Impact StartUp accelerator program in order to provide an offering to start-up companies that are in too early a phase to become portfolio companies. The initiative is also part of our work to strengthen the ecosystem for social entrepreneurs in Norway and the Nordic region.