Impact StartUp

We have established an accelerator program called Impact StartUp, to provide an offering for start-up companies that are too early-stage to become portfolio companies. This initiative is also part of our goal to strengthen the ecosystem for social entrepreneurs in Norway and the Nordic region.

The accelerator program lasts for six months. During this period the companies receive help developing their sustainable business models, in addition to strategies and tools for managing their finances and social and environmental objectives. The companies work shoulder-to-should with dedicated business developers throughout the program.

The company Lifeness has developed a medical monitoring tool for treating obesity. The company was one of the ten that took part in the Norwegian accelerator program in spring 2020. Photo: Alex Asensi

A Norwegian and Nordic design

The Norwegian version of the accelerator program is run once a year and social entrepreneurs of all types can apply. In contrast, while the Nordic program is also run once a year, it always has a set theme, e.g. workplace inclusion, children and young people, exclusion.

If you are a social entrepreneur and would like to apply for a place on the Impact StartUp program, click here.

A Lab for Investors

Impact StartUp also had a network for investors, called InvestorLab. This network gives impact investors and financiers access to new and innovative companies with measurable social impact, as summed up here:

  • pipeline with relevant companies
  • matching with relevant startups
  • knowledge and tools for measuring and managing social impact
  • exchange of experience with other impact investors and financiers

If you are an investor and would like to learn more about how you can invest in generating a social impact, click here to find out more (only in Norwegian).