We develop towns and cities to create good places to live

Urban development is the focus of Ferd Real Estate’s strategy. As one of the country’s leading urban developers, we want our development projects to benefit the surrounding neighbourhood. We seek to build high-quality development projects that give something back to the town or city and achieve this by using high quality architecture, long-lasting materials and respecting the area’s surroundings and citizens. We seek to create more than individual buildings and our buildings are intended to make a contribution to society and to give people in the area a good experience.

We seek to develop towns, cities and communities to become good places to live for all citizens.

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Functionality, well-being and quality

We will develop communities with an awareness of the site’s strengths and weaknesses. We strive to adapt to how the society of tomorrow is developing and  market’s changing– while caring for the individual. Our aim is to create vibrant streets and high-quality urban spaces with outdoor activities for residents, users and surrounding neighbourhoods.

When developing new areas, we seek to use space efficiently, giving the site an urban character with vibrant squares and places to meet. The park areas has to be of high-quality and there has to be enough space for people to cycle and walk. Functionality, well-being and quality in the new homes are adapted to the existing residential area.