Foto: Alexandra Pekala

Improves brain health

The brain is a black box and no one knows exactly what goes on in there. The only thing we know is what we assume about our functions – and studies show that our own experiences of how the brain functions does not correspond well with reality. There are also many diseases that affect the brain, such as dementia, stress-related mental illness, depression, ADHD.

Digital screening of cognitive functions

The Swedish company Mindmore believes that brain health is as important an indicator as heart rate and temperature for monitoring a person’s well being. They want to put brain health on the agenda, start a dialogue about brain health and work to ensure that everyone – even the healthy ones – have a basic measurement of their cognitive functions. The company also helps patients who have affected cognition, by testing cognitive domains and key functions like; attention and pace, visuospatial function, verbal function and executive function. Increased knowledge about the condition of the brain is important in order to be able to adapt treatment and rehabilitation to help the patient. 

Mindmore has experienced rapid growth in Sweden, and currently has about 40 clinics as customers within primary, specialist and occupational health services. The plan is to scale further nationally and then to Europe. 

About the company

Established: 2017
Full Time Equivalents: 13
Founder: Sara Wallén
Legal Structure: Private Limited Company