Foto: Generasjon M

Two social challenges – a single solution

Many young people want to work but encounter difficulties finding a job in a challenging labour market. At the other end of the age spectrum, many older people would like to be more active and to have company and a meaningful time at weekends when nursing homes and care homes typically organise fewer activities.

Generasjon M helps young people enter working life while simultaneously helping to reduce loneliness and inactivity among older people. It does this by employing 14-20 year olds as ‘M friends’ to run activities for the elderly, both individually and in groups, in nursing homes and care homes. 100 young people currently work for Generasjon M.

Meaning, mastery, fun

The values the company has adopted as the basis for its activities are Meaning, Mastery and Fun. As a result of their visits, the young people get to know the older people they visit and both groups share their knowledge, interests and experience. The young people are someone to play a board game with, as well as someone to talk to or to go for a walk with. The older people also get to take part in new and more tech-based activities involving VR headsets, iPads and games consoles.

Generasjon M has also entered into a collaboration with Møller Eiendom for an innovative shared housing arrangement at PiiR Harbitz Torg in Skøyen. This involves four students living as neighbours to the older adults in the building and contributing weekly social activities. The students will work 30 hours per month and will be paid a salary that is equivalent to their rent costs.

Generasjon M was awarded the title of Social Entrepreneur of the Year in 2016.

2019 social results

The figures in brackets are the corresponding figures for 2018.

  • Number of ‘M’ friends and visit leaders: 144 (108)
  • Total number of nursing home resident visits: 17,094 (15,200)
  • Number of hours worked in nursing homes by ‘M’ friends and visit leaders: 7,149 (6,179)
  • Number of nursing homes visited: 29 (23)

About the company

Founded: 2011 as a young enterprise, and as a non-profit limited liability company in 2013.
FTE employees: 2.6
Founders: Christina Væting Nergård and Anne Stine Hole
Type of entity: Non-profit limited liability company.