Creating work for former refugees

Mestringsguiden works to improve the integration of refugees who have come to Norway. The company runs restaurant and catering businesses at which it employs former refugees. Thanks to their hard work and strong food traditions, many of the company’s employees get their first foothold in employment in their new country.

A food stall, a café and catering

The company operates a food stall called Aleppo Bahebek in the Vippa food hall in Oslo, a restaurant called Injera Palace and a café called Frodig in Oslo’s Grønland neighbourhood. Through these activities the company employs over 20 former refugees from Syria and Eritrea. The company also operates Inshalla Catering, which delivers food from its other locations for everyday dining, work functions and parties. The company gives people from a refugee background a chance to build an independent life in Norway.

Mestringsguiden wants to expand and open more venues, including by giving employees that wish to do so the chance to open up a venue themselves. Its aim is to become Norway’s first social restaurant group.

2019 results:

  • 22 employees from its target group
  • 21 of these 22 employees receive no support from the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration, other than those still on the intro program and those eligible for wage subsidy payments
  • 3 employees left Mestringsguiden to start a new job or to enter training
  • 2 left for the ‘wrong’ reasons
  • 2 have bought their own house

About the company

Founded: 2016
Number of FTE employees: 14.4
Founder: Ragnhild Slettner
Type of entity: Non-profit limited liability company