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The company provides assistance measures for municipalities’ child welfare services and refugee services, and its measures are tailored to the families that it helps. In addition, Atlas Kompetanse runs courses for parents who have recently arrived in Norway about the collaborative relationship between schools and families in Norway.

Assistance for families

Atlas Kompetanse provides assistance measures in accordance with the Norwegian Child Welfare Act, Section 4-4, second paragraph, and Section 4-16. Its employees have specialist expertise in working with children and families from minority backgrounds, in addition to robust expertise in child welfare and social work. It provides its services in nine different languages.

Collaboration between schools and families

Research has shown that parental involvement in elementary schools makes a big difference to children’s academic and social development. It can be difficult for newly arrived parents to understand how Norwegian schools work. These parents need information on the structure of schools, the role of the teacher, the responsibilities of pupils, and what is expected of them as parents.

Atlas Kompetanse also works to support parents in their role as parents, and to build bridges between parents’ experience of school and Norwegian schools today. The company organises courses at which parents are provided with general information on the school system and how schools and families work together. Course attendees are also given concrete tools that they can use to support their children with school on a day-to-day basis and to communicate with their children’s school and teachers. The courses are offered in nine different languages. Atlas Kompetanse provides courses for elementary schools, secondary schools and adult education centres, and works with individual schools, districts and municipalities.

  • 2019 social results

    • Number of families in receipt of assistance measures from Atlas Kompetanse: 17 (12 in 2018)
    • Number of children and young people across these families: 42 (29 in 2018)
    • Average number of hours of assistance per family: 221 (389 in 2018)
    • Families that needed assistance in a language other than Norwegian: 15 out of 17 (11 out of 12 in 2018)
    • Total number of languages used: 7 ( 5 in 2018)


About the company

Founded: 2014
Number of FTE employees: 6.5
Founders: Firdawsa Ahmed and Saad Yusuf Hashi
Type of entity: Non-profit limited liability company