Project Marienlyst

In 2020 we became the proud owner of what is one of the sites of greatest significant to be developed in Norway in recent times: Marienlyst.

In order to succeed in creating a sustainable, creative and vibrant district, we will make teamwork and dialogue our primary tools.

Marienlyst. Foto: Nyebilder

Ferd’s vision is to create enduring value and to leave clear footprints. We regard Marienlyst as an opportunity to do just that – for the society in which we operate, the city and the neighbourhood. This, in combination with our responsibility to contribute to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, requires a dedicated effort from us as an urban developer. Project Marienlyst will bring these various aspects together once the 85,000m2 site is developed into a modern and attractive district for the entire population.

Sustainable development

We plan to build houses, cultural arenas, places of employment and high-quality meeting places. We want to improve Marienlyst’s transport connections to the rest of Oslo. Green mobility solutions and dynamic leisure activity offerings will be important ways of creating well-being and a good quality of life. Preserving the site’s current features will also be crucial to achieving a successful result – both from a sustainability perspective, but also for the area’s identity. This will be particularly significant for Marienlyst. The site is of great importance for the history of the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK), and we will build on this history by inviting the public to enjoy access to the modernised Broadcasting House.

Our aim is for Marienlyst to make it easier for people to live more sustainably, and the development will offer a broad range of experiences and activities.


If we are to make Marienlyst of value for the future, we will need new thoughts and methods. Ferd has for several years been actively focused on sustainability and new tech both as an investor and a real estate developer. In 2020 we created a separate Impact Investing mandate which exclusively invests in innovations that are intended to be beneficial from a climate change perspective. Marienlyst gives us the opportunity to link this work with our real estate development activities in that it opens up and makes accessible an area with a main axis running through Oslo’s new innovation district, Oslo Science City. Oslo Science City was initiated by the City of Oslo, and the ambition is for it to become Norway’s leading cluster of knowledge-based businesses, ICT and healthcare. Broadcasting House will be connected to this knowledge environment and will create new forums for sharing, learning and exchanging knowledge.

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In order to succeed in turning our dreams for Marienlyst into reality, we need a highly skilled team that is capable of bringing out the best in each other. The Marienlyst team is made up of experienced real estate developers from Ferd who are working in close collaboration with architects and consultants. What they all share is that they value knowledge sharing, transparency and dialogue very highly. Involving people and the communities in the area, gathering data and analysing requirements, as well as close dialogue with the City of Oslo and NRK, will all be very important elements in what will be an extensive development process. Ferd’s aim is to create a green, vibrant and inclusive residential area with high-quality meeting spaces for experiences, culture and innovation.

Our approach to community involvement

Ferd is creating a new, vibrant district in Marienlyst that will bring together the history of the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation, the knowledge-based activities around the University of Oslo’s Blindern campus, and the City of Oslo’s desire to become a greener, creative and inclusive city. Photo: A-Lab.