Our task

Ferd’s vision is about generating more than just a financial return.

Our ambition is to create and drive forward companies, investment teams, organisations and change so that we contribute to the development of individuals and society and thereby have a positive impact.

We are aware of our responsibility and influence as an opinion-shaping owner, investor and corporate citizen, and we seek to manage this position on the basis of our values.

Ferd’s owners have given it extensive authority as well as a high level of flexibility and predictability. We are inspired by the expectation that Ferd will continually develop, and we are always on the lookout for new opportunities and challenges.

Ferd manages all of the family’s assets, and its owners have a high level of risk tolerance. This means that diversifying and continually managing risk are of central importance to both the group’s composition and day-to-day activities.

We achieve a sound level of diversification thanks to our business areas investing in a range of different types of company, real estate, and funds that represent different geographies and industries.

We operate with high liquidity requirements, and ensure that we are at all times in a position to provide support to individual companies requiring assistance and to act on attractive new investment opportunities. Over time our breadth and risk tolerance have demonstrated that we can withstand downturns and be ready to take advantage of upturns.

DolWin beta offshore

Aibel is a leading service company in the energy sector. The company is playing an important role in today’s energy transition, and a significant proportion of its current orderbook is in offshore wind. Photo: Øyvind Sætre.