Ferd’s value-adjusted equity at the end of 2021 has been provisionally calculated to be NOK 48.0 billion (NOK 41.1 billion at 31 December 2020). The return on value-adjusted equity for Ferd as a whole was 17.7% in 2021, which represents a good absolute performance for Ferd. The return expressed in NOK, after adjusting for dividend payments to the company’s owners, was NOK 7.3 billion. As in 2020, the measures implemented by the authorities to control Covid-19 caused a sharp reduction in activity in some sectors for long periods in 2021. The financial measures implemented through both fiscal and monetary policy helped to maintain economic activity and purchasing power for households and companies. In 2021 almost all the privately owned portfolio companies in the Ferd Capital portfolio reported a good improvement in operating profit compared to 2020, and the highest percentage improvements were reported by the largest companies in the portfolio. The return generated by Ferd’s portfolio of privately owned companies was very good in 2021.

More information is available in our summary of 2021, available here.