Sustainable communities for the future

About Ferd Real Estate

Ferd Real Estate develops and operates high-quality, environmentally friendly real estate in Norway. We create value that is more than financial return through our development of sustainable communities, workplaces and apartments and projects. One of our ambitions is to encourage the real estate industry to move in an environmentally friendly direction.

Project portfolio

We invest in, and develop residential-, office- and warehouse/logistics real estate projects. Our core development projects are located near central transport interchanges. At the end of 2019 the value of our real estate holdings was NOK 5.4 billion and the equity value of the portfolio was NOK 3.0 billion. The portfolio generated a return on equity for 2019 of 17.6%.



Camilla Krogh. Photo: Dag Knudsen

Camilla Krogh

Director Ferd Real Estate
Phone: 98 21 00 69
Geir Karlsen. Photo: Dag Knudsen

Geir Karlsen

Investment Director Ferd real Estate
Phone: 95 05 90 04
Jarle Mork. Photo: Dag Knudsen

Jarle Mork

Property Manager Ferd Real Estate
Phone: 95 77 64 02

Jorunn Grøntveit

Director of Business and Urban Development Ferd Real Estate
Phone: 45 86 92 88
Knut M. Tolo. Photo: Dag Knudsen

Knut M. Tolo

Development Director Ferd Real Estate
Phone: 91 80 13 92
Petter Bay Braathen. Photo: Dag Knudsen

Petter Bay Braathen

Project Manager Ferd Real Estate
Phone: 92 62 48 88
Sigmund Olav Lie. Photo: Dag Knudsen

Sigmund Olav Lie

Head of Accounting and Finance Ferd Real Estate
Phone: 95 79 20 25
Sigurd Ødegård. Photo: Dag Knudsen

Sigurd Ødegård

Project Manager Ferd Real Estate
Phone: 91 16 64 43
Silje Strøm. Photo: Dag Knudsen

Silje Strøm

Marketing Director Ferd Real Estate
Phone: 92 68 86 10
Stian Andresen. Photo: Dag Knudsen

Stian Levi Andresen

Investment Manager Ferd Real Estate
Phone: 92 40 26 63

We develop projects near transport interchanges