An advanced current meter from Nortek – with a range of up to 1000 meters underwater in the sea – is retrieved in Antarctica after having been deployed in the ocean over an extended period of time. Photo: Rokas Kubilius.

Nortek constitutes the largest part of General Oceans and was founded in 1996 by Atle Lohrmann. The company is based at Rud in Bærum and develops acoustic sensors to measure water movements, such as ocean currents and waves, for the navigation of underwater vehicles and various measuring instruments. The systems are distributed to over 90 countries worldwide, including for sustainable resource utilisation, monitoring of climate change, and the maritime and defence industries. The company has, for a long time, delivered solid financial results by continuously introducing new functional systems and maintaining long-term customer relationships.

Apart from Nortek, General Oceans comprises the companies Tritech, Klein Marine, Reach Robotics, and Strategic Robotic Systems (SRS). The first two provide various types of sonars, Reach Robotics delivers gripping systems for underwater robots, and SRS develops the next generation of underwater vehicles. Together, General Oceans forms a consortium that is well-positioned to exploit market opportunities within ocean technology.

Ferd is pleased to be chosen as partner and looks forward to further developing the company alongside the principal shareholder and CEO Atle Lohrmann, as well as the rest of General Oceans. The potential of marine technology intrigues us, and we believe there will be a high demand for products that assist in understanding what happens beneath the sea surface.