Value creation at Ferd

For Ferd, value creation is about generating more than just a financial return.

It is also about making a positive contribution to the growth and development of the society and wider environment of which we are part, and we seek to do this in a way that supports sustainability goals.

How we work as an active owner

As an active owner, we use our influence to contribute to each company’s development and growth, always with the objective of delivering robust and sustainable value creation over time. We work with others to achieve the long-term value creation potential of the companies and real estate projects that we own.

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How we work as an active investor

We are an active investor in Nordic stock exchange listed companies and international funds. Our aim is to identify high-quality companies and fund managers that will succeed in their respective markets over time. As an active investor, we follow our investments closely, and use our voting rights whenever we think this is an appropriate way to encourage long-term and responsible value creation.

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New solutions

Innovation and adventurous initiatives are a key part of Ferd’s history and an important part of our vision. We work in partnership with others to be active owners of and investors in fledgling companies that seek to create value across multiple dimensions on the basis of a belief that achieving commercial objectives and making a positive contribution to today’s sustainability challenges go hand in hand.

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