Water for land-based fish farming

Fish farming in land-based facilities is growing quickly - along with the associated need for water treatment and recirculation. Ferd Special Investments and Broodstock Capital are therefore investing in the Danish company Billund Aquakulturservice, a global leader in the area.

"Salmon increase in size many times before they are transferred to cages in the sea. The shorter the time they are in the sea, the less likely they are to be infected by lice or to catch other diseases. Furthermore, land-based facilities can offer higher total harvest volumes by enabling faster turnover speeds for the sea-based facilities, which require official authorisation", comments Danjal Haaland Danjalsson, Investment Manager at Ferd Capital, in an interview with Ferd Magazine.

As much water as for a large town
The amount of water required for a large land-based fish farm facility is significant, and without recirculation would be comparable to that consumed in a large town.

"Billund Aquakulturservice was one of the first companies to offer water treatment and recirculation technology for the fish farming industry, and the company today occupies a very impressive position in this market", explains Danjal Haaland Danjalsson. Danjal and Kristian Eikre, the Head of Ferd Special Investments, monitor Ferd’s involvement with Broodstock Capital, whose acquisition of a 51% stake in Billund Aquakulturservice marks the company’s second investment in the fast-growing international seafood industry.

Ideal partner
Billund Aquakulturservice has 30 years’ experience in the design, installation and operation of land-based fish farming facilities, and has delivered more than 120 facilities in 26 countries for over 25 different cold and warm, fresh and saltwater fish species, both as juveniles and adults. The company’s head office is in Billund in Denmark, and it incorporates Billund Chile, which is based in Puerto Montt in Chile. Billund Aquakulturservice is now announcing a major investment in a newly established Norwegian subsidiary.

"In order to meet growing demand for larger and more sophisticated systems, Billund Aquakulturservice needs stronger financial muscle and greater financial flexibility. This makes Broodstock an ideal partner, as it has excellent expertise in the industry and a long-term perspective, as well as strong underpinning in the form of Ferd’s robust capital base", comments Danjal Haaland Danjalsson.

The whole article is available in the Ferd Magazine (in Norwegian)

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