• Barnas Plattform

    Barnas Plattform

    Barnas Plattform offers courses for parents where parents learn four simple and efficient tools for use in building up and maintaining self-confidence in children. Strong self-esteem is fundamental to a child thriving and feeling safe, strong, happy and satisfied. Self-confidence is also important in children’s academic work at school and in other challenges. The course is available to parents with children aged 3-12 and includes the Self-Confidence NOW app.

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  • Forandringsfabrikken


    Forandringsfabrikken is a national foundation focusing on the experiences and knowledge of children and young people and their experiences of social services – and on how these can be improved. The aim of the foundation is to ensure that systems working with children and young people become the most useful, valuable and effective they can be. Forandringsfabrikken works with schools, mental health services, child protection, mental health protection and correctional services.

  • Forskerfabrikken


    Forskerfabrikken gives children and young people the opportunity to immerse themselves in the natural sciences and technology in their own communities with the aim of increasing their interest in STEM subjects. The company works to ensure that it becomes just as natural for children to take up science in their spare time as any other leisure activity. Forskerfabrikken offers courses in research, mathematics and the natural sciences, further training of teachers and courses for nursery employees.

  • Asfalt Street Magazine

    Asfalt Street Magazine

    Asfalt is a street magazine in Rogaland sold by people with a history of substance use and people who find themselves in difficult life situations. Asfalt works to give people the opportunity to achieve an income in a dignified way. When people earn their own money, their self-confidence increases and makes them feel that they are part of something bigger. The sellers buy the magazine and resell it. The seller retains the sales mark-up as salary.

  • Gladiator GT

    Gladiator GT

    Gladiator GT works to stimulate children’s physical activity and academic learning. The company has developed the Aball1 number and letter balls, a social and theoretical learning tool that combines physical activity with academic learning and fun shared exercises. 

    In Norway, Aball1 is used in schools for teaching in all subjects and in asylum centres for teaching newly-arrived children and adults. The learning tool is also sold to organisations, clubs and associations.

  • Intempo


    Intempo wants to improve public health in Norwegian municipalities through early initiatives aimed at addressing language, movement, safety and diet. Through the municipal project See All of Me, employees are trained to strengthen children’s brain development. The Bravo game, the company’s main product, is an innovative language stimulation tool that combines learning and play. The tool is a supplement to the teaching offered in nurseries and at home and contributes to broadening vocabulary, widening concept understanding and encouraging more confident linguistic awareness.

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  • Drive for Life

    Drive for Life

    Drive for Life is a different kind of free-time activity concept for children and young people.

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  • Lydfarge


    The sound-colour method is an educational and innovative tool for use in teaching children of primary school age to read and write. The method is also used in the teaching of Norwegian to both children and adults and is especially suited to people of all ages experiencing reading and writing difficulties. Lydfarge offers training for teachers and educators who want to use the method in their day-to-day work in primary and secondary schools and adult learning centres.

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  • Lyk-z & døtre

    Lyk-z & døtre

    lyk-z & døtre helps young people who have been excluded from school and work to find their inherent qualities and unique abilities. Through the FROG Online Identity leadership programme, young people learn to make good choices for themselves and their future. FROG Online Identity is a methodical process and management programme that combines workshops and a web-based learning tool. The programme is offered to pupils aged 13-17 and over the age of 18. The company was named Social Entrepreneur of the Year by Ferd Social Entrepreneurs in 2012.

  • Lærervikaren


    Lærervikaren is a digital education solution which is designed to ensure students enhanced learning during substitute teacher periods. The material has been designed and quality-assured by teachers and is tailored to skills targets set by the Norwegian Directorate for Education and Training. The solution reduces administrative costs and increases flexibility and quality in the use of teacher substitutes. The company also provides teacher substitutes with better working opportunities. Laerervikaren.no was launched in 2015.

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  • Monsterbedriften


    Monsterbedriften is a demolition and renovation company employing people who for various reasons have problems functioning in conventional workplaces. The company offers paid work, an excellent working environment, trust, support and a set framework – with the aim of producing independent and sustainable lives. Many of the employees have previously been dependent on social services or have a criminal record, and Monsterbedriften wishes to show that everyone can become a valuable employee – irrespective of background.

  • Pøbelprosjektet


    The aim of Pøbelprosjektet is to get young people who find themselves excluded from school and job market back into work or education. The company offers a six-week workplace course which consists of a number of practical exercises. The course gives young people the self-confidence and self-belief they need to accept that they are good enough as they are. Through Pøbelprosjektet’s network of employers, participants are guaranteed jobs if they follow the rules for getting to work on time and staying drug-free. The aim is to ensure participants a meaningful job and a dignified life. 

  • Seema


    Seema AS is a consultancy creating positive societal effects by encouraging diversity management in businesses. The company contributes to ensuring that society sees the particularities of the individual as a strength and enables managers and businesses in the public and private sectors to manage and utilise diversity. The aim is increased innovation, productivity, competitive advantage and enhanced service offerings. Seema supplies managerial support, training courses, lectures and projects in the field of diversity and counts businesses such as Gard AS, NRK and Veidekke among its clients.

  • Trivselsleder


    Trivselsleder works for enhanced welfare, increased activity and less bullying during breaks. Their programme trains pupils in years 4 to 10 to take on extra responsibility for ensuring that everyone is included. These children become ‘welfare leaders’ and work to include fellow pupils in play and activities in the playground. The programme contributes to increased and more varied play and activity in the playground and reduces conflicts among pupils. The welfare programme also teaches pupils to build up friendships and strengthens the psycho-social environment.

  • Ungt Entreprenørskap

    Ungt Entreprenørskap

    Ungt Entreprenørskap (UE) is a national Norwegian organisation working to develop the creativity of children and young people and their belief in themselves. The organisation also aims to give children and young people an understanding of value creation in business through the establishment of youth and student businesses. UE works with the education system, the business community and other stakeholders to offer instructive programmes to pupils and students – from primary school to higher education.

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