Ferd Social Entrepreneurs (Ferd SE) seeks to generate measurable social results by investing in social entrepreneurs and strengthening their market. Each year, we select one to two innovative companies that solve a demanding social challenge and help make society more inclusive.

Measurable social results

The companies we consider need to be able to demonstrate measurable social results and to have a business model that will make them financially sustainable over the course of the next few years. We also look for companies that have the potential to achieve further growth so that as many people as possible can benefit from the solutions in which we invest.

A company’s motivation and ability to monitor both its social and financial results are crucial. We also assess the experience and motivation that the company’s founders and team contribute, together with their ability to deliver and collaborate.

Continual assessment

We engage in continual dialogue with a range of social entrepreneurs to assess whether they meet our investment criteria. Areas that we assess include their market potential and whether they will be a good match with our expertise and the other companies in our portfolio.

We find that there is a large, positive supply of exciting social entrepreneurs, but we are only able to enter into a collaboration with a few of these. For companies that are in too early a phase to be admitted to the portfolio, the Impact StartUp accelerator program may be an option.

Apply to become one of our social entrepreneurs

If you meet our investment criteria and would like to apply, please email with the following:

  • Company name
  • Company address
  • Organisation number
  • Type of entity
  • Contact person
  • Email address
  • Telephone number
  • A short description of the company and what it does
  • A short description of your theory of change and whether you in any way measure the change you create
  • Your financial situation for the previous year (operating revenue and operating profit), as well as any providers of support
  • What you would like from Ferd SE (expertise, capital, networking)

We respond to enquiries on a continual basis, but it may take us up to four weeks to reply.