About Ferd Real Estate

Ferd Real Estate develops and operates high-quality, environmentally friendly projects that contributes to Ferd’s vision of creatinging enduring value ​​and leaving clear footprints.

Project portfolio

We invest in, and develop residential-, office- and warehouse/logistics real estate projects. Our core development projects are located near central transport interchanges. At the end of 2020 the value of our real estate holdings was NOK 14.3 billion and the equity value of the portfolio was NOK 5.4 billion. The portfolio generated a return on equity for 2020 of 15.7%.

Nikolay Mylen: Photo: Dag Knudsen

Nicolay Mylén

Investment Professional Portfolio company:
Phone: 48 28 98 82
Marius Therkelsen. Photo: Dag Knudsen

Marius Therkelsen

Senior Portfolio Manager Invest
Phone: 94 83 57 42

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