Well on the way with the SMB portfolio

Alexander Miller, Director Ferd Invest
Ferd Invest is extremely pleased with its decision to establish a SMB portfolio.

Ferd Invest launched a separate portfolio in 2008 for investments in small and medium-sized businesses (SMB). The idea behind the new portfolio is to take relatively large ownership interests in small and medium-sized companies, giving Ferd a visible ownership role and creating a better opportunity to influence a company’s development if this proves appropriate.

“We are well on the way with the new portfolio, and Ferd Invest is already a significant shareholder in a number of the companies in this portfolio”, explains Alexander Miller, Director - Ferd Invest. 

On 3 June 2009 Ferd Invest increased its shareholding in Photocure to over 5%, and it is now one of the largest shareholders in this company. Ferd Invest also has sizeable shareholdings in Data Respons, SeaBird and Eltek. 

Ferd Invest’s SMB portfolio includes shareholdings in:
• Photocure:
Develops and sells pharmaceuticals and medical devices based on proprietary photodynamic technology. Photocure’s best-known products are Metvix and Hexvix.
• Data Respons: Supplies electronics and software solutions, products and services for technology-based companies.
• Eltek: Produces energy systems for the telecommunications industry. The company’s systems are used for both mobile and fixed-line telephone networks.
• Seabird: A seismic company that delivers equipment to the oil and gas industry.


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