Investment criterias

Ferd Invest is a financial investor focused on investing in companies we believe possess unique qualities. We typically seek for the right companies at the right price. One consequence of this is that we also sell good companies when we believe the price of these at least reflect this.

Ferd Invest is a stock picker, based on own and external research of the companies. A thorough preparation is done prior to any investments.

Each investment is subject to a solid investment process, where the aim is to pick stocks where we understand its main value drivers and what are the major risks.

A recognition that the world is and will continue to be in constant change means that we have chosen not to bind ourselves to a fixed and narrow investment strategy. We believe our strength as an investor is in the team's combined years of experience in the stock markets and the ability to act on the various opportunities that arise under constantly changing conditions.

Ferd Invest shall create enduring value through long term excess returns in the stock market.

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