About Ferd Invest

Ferd Invest invests primarily in listed Nordic (Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland) stocks.

The ambition is to invest in companies which in sum beat the aggregated Nordic stock markets. The goal is to perform better than a Nordic benchmark index, but the focus is not on country or sector allocation or the content of the index. Ferd Invests sole concern is about the companies they are invested in and the development of these.

Ferd Invest is a stock picker and will always try to have a portfolio that is composed of a limited number of shares. The team believes that long term outperformance is best achieved with a focused portfolio. Ferd Invest has a self imposed rule that the 10 largest investments should constitute at least 60 % of the portfolio.

The share portfolio is equity financed and almost always fully invested. The portfolio is never leveraged and never contains short positions. Positive returns in recent years have grown the portfolio from NOK 2.3 billion at the beginning of 2007 to NOK 4.0 billion at the beginning of 2018.

Ferd Invest is a financial investor and to the extent that ownership is exercised, it is through dialogue with the Board and management.

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