No Isolation works to reduce loneliness and social isolation by developing digital communications solutions.

Reducing loneliness

Social isolation and loneliness often affect the most vulnerable groups in society the hardest. Two such groups are people over 80 and children and young people with long-term illnesses. No Isolation works to reduce loneliness and social isolation by developing unique, customised digital communications solutions.

AV1 Robot

Children with long-term illnesses can become isolated or lose contact with their school and friends. AV1 is a personal robot that acts as the eyes, ears and voice of a child via an app for use on phones or tablets. The robot is present in the classroom and in social contexts, meaning the child does not miss out on anything. This helps the child concerned to feel part of lessons and to communicate with the class and their friends regardless of where they actually are.

AV1 was developed by No Isolation in collaboration with St. Olavs HospitalSunnaas Hospital, the University of Oslo and Snø Designstudio.


KOMP is a screen with only one button that can be used by people who have not mastered smartphones or tablets. With KOMP, family and friends can send pictures, messages and have video calls with KOMP’s users using a free app. KOMP makes digital communication between users of differing abilities simple and intuitive. KOMP was developed in collaboration with the Norwegian Cancer Society.

No Isolation creates technical aids to combat loneliness and social isolation among vulnerable groups. The company involves users in all stages of the process, from sketching out ideas on the drawing board right through to production. No Isolation collaborates closely with other companies, charities and the public sector.

About the company

Founded: 2015
Employees: 25 FTE employees
Founders: Karen Dolva, Marius Aabel and Matias Doyle
Type of entity: Limited liability company