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An ecosystem of digital products and services that make life easier and better for employers and employees: this is what Simployer offers to small and medium-sized businesses. Its offering is kept up-to-date and is particularly valuable to customers that are now encountering entirely new challenges as a result of the pandemic.

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“We address HR from every perspective. This means that we make it easy for our customers in Norway and Sweden not only to carry out the traditional practical aspects of being an employer but also to manage their human resources strategically, whether in terms of making optimal use of expertise, the digitalisation of work processes, life-long learning, data protection or GDPR,” explains Thorfinn Hansen to Ferd Magazine. Thorfinn is the CEO of Simployer, formerly Infotjenester, a company in which Ferd became the majority shareholder just before Christmas last year.

Operational and strategic HR management
Simployer HRM System, which forms one of Simployer’s two business areas, is a cloud-based modular system that provides support with both operational and strategic HR.

"The system gives customers an intuitive tool that can grow with their business and that makes it easy for management, HR staff and employees themselves to keep track of all the operational and practical aspects of their employment, from when they are first appointed to when they leave the organisation, and it also provides complete access to documents such as contracts of employment, employee performance reviews and holiday requests,” explains Gard Rønning, Simployer's Chief Commercial Officer and head of the HRM side of the company. He adds that the system also provides support for the strategic aspects of managing human capital, meaning that with a few keystrokes users can access an overview of their organisation’s combined expertise and see how this can best be allocated and further developed.

Knowledge base for customers
Simployer Insight, which is Simployer’s other business area, is a modern continuation of the company’s extensive activities in advice, courses and training.

“Through our digital answer and expertise service, managers and specialists in HR, payroll, accounting, tax and HSE can access the background they need in order to take better decisions and to strengthen their expertise”, explains Christine Hassel Kristoffersen, the acting Chief Commercial Officer for Simployer’s knowledge base. She explains that customers have access to individual expert support by telephone and email, a digital tool, thousands of specialist articles and instructional videos, and webinars on current topics. In normal times, the company also organises conferences and courses for customers wishing to update their knowledge in a more traditional and personal way.

Unified experience
“Our two business areas work closely together – increasingly so. For our customers it is important that we provide a unified experience of both the practical and strategic functions, as well as comprehensive, up-to-date expertise that is adapted to the local conditions and regulations in Norway and Sweden”, explains Kristian Kolstad, Chief Technical Officer Product & Tech. He emphasises that Simployer’s solutions are integration-friendly, which is to say that it is easy to make them work together with customers’ own payroll, accounting and training systems.

“Simployer’s unique combination of services is something that no other HR provider in Scandinavian can match”, he adds.

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