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Swix Sport has transformed into Brav following a process involving employees from across its brands and the countries in which it operates. This approach helped create a sense of ownership over the new name.

Brav is therefore a name to look out for - Brav has now replaced Swix Sport as the name of the group behind the well-known Swix, Ulvang, Toko, Lundhags, Helsport, HardRocx, Original and brands.
The name change recognises that the company has become a brand house with a range of different brands that generate combined annual revenue of over NOK 1 billion. Markets outside Norway represent half the group’s revenue.

The CEO of Brav, Tomas Holmestad, summarises the most important issues that were facing the group at this new milestone in its history in an interview published in Norwegian in Ferd Magazine:
“The most important thing for us in this process was to find a strong and clear value platform that would unite the group’s 300 employees in eight countries, set fixed rules by which we would operate and provide us with a clear direction of travel. We wanted to come up with a framework in which our values would have a clear role in terms of how we manage the group”.

“An important aspect of the process was that we sought to involve all the group’s employees digitally. They were asked what characterised working at the group and what they thought would be important in the future, and they were also given the chance to provide input on the company’s values and name. This resulted in well over 100 proposals for the new name, and the most impressive thing was that the value words the employees proposed were really similar and so provided a good foundation for choosing which values would characterise the organisation”, explains Tomas Holmestad.

The input from the group’s employees made it easier for the working group to create the new value platform. Siri Sandvik was the manager of the process of rebranding the group from Swix to Brav. She holds a master’s degree in business administration from the NHH Norwegian School of Economics, and her background is at PwC Consulting where she primarily worked on strategy implementation and organisational development projects. 

“My experience of running large change projects with a high level of employee involvement and a focus on communication was very useful for this project. The feedback we have received post-launch shows that the employees recognise themselves in the new set of values and have understood the need for both a common value platform and a new name. I think this is an important success factor for projects of this sort and demonstrates the value of involving employees. Without their significant and valuable contribution to the process, we would never have achieved all that we have”, comments Siri Sandvik.

The Board of Directors liked the name Brav when it reached them for discussion. “Brav” is Norwegian for ‘brave’ or ‘honourable’, and the word conveys courage, particularly with a sense of adventurousness. “If you look the word up in a Danish dictionary, the definition is exactly what we want to be: ‘characterised by energy, courage, endurance and integrity’”, summarises Tomas Holmestad.

Read the whole article in Ferd Magazine (only available in Norwegian).


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