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Ferd Capital has three investment mandates: Private Companies, Listed Companies, and Special Investments. These mandates give the business area significant flexibility in terms of the type of investments it can make. Ferd Capital can invest in various different situations, from mature companies in need of a turnaround through to venture companies that need professionalising and additional capital. The majority of our investments are, however, in high-quality companies that we can make even stronger by acting as a good owner. We are not structured as an investment fund, and this gives us flexibility with regard to our investment horizon. In both the privately owned and listed companies in which we have a significant ownership interest, we are a long-term and active investor that acts on the basis of Ferd’s value platform and competitive advantages.

We have good experience of owning companies jointly with one or more partners. When investing with a partner, we place significant emphasis on all parties agreeing on the business’s strategic direction. Our flexibility means that we have few absolute requirements regarding structure and influence, but as a general rule we seek a balanced allocation of involvement in decision making and access to exit opportunities.

Ferd Capital looks for investments in companies where it has relevant expertise. The process that leads to a final decision to invest in a company involves extensive evaluation using both internal and external resources. As part of this, we seek to identify all the important value drivers and risk factors for the company. The Ferd Capital team consists of people with experience from private equity investment, operational management, business development, financial services and strategy consulting.

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