JA Europe is launching FERD’S LIST, a European list of young and inspirational entrepreneurs, innovators and leaders.


Johan H. Andresen, Owner and Chairman of FERD, is partnering with JA Europe to recognize and celebrate the long-term impact JA has on young people.  Outstanding JA alumni, 5-10 young men and women on a unique path to “creating enduring value and leaving lasting a lasting footprint”, will be nominated from across Europe. The first FERD’S LIST honourees will be inducted in October 2017 at a ceremony in Brussels. FERD’S LIST will be an annual celebration.

"We want to show that the entrepreneurial programs of JA - Junior Achievement, makes young people get a unique experience which gives them self-insight and learning trough experience. This enables them to make better choices for themselves and their communities" - says Johan.

Learn more about FERD'S LIST HERE and how to nominate

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